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Methodology for Design of Learning Courses in the Circs of Classroom Hours Reduction

EasyChair Preprint no. 4545

13 pagesDate: November 11, 2020


This paper describes the methodology for designing the new course of design for the ship propulsion complex based on the resistance of the ship's movement and the driving forces acting on it. The reason for the development of the new course on this subject was the redesign of the educational program of bachelor's training in the specialty "River and Sea transport", specialization "Operation and Mounting of ship electrical equipment and automation" of the National University "Odessa Maritime Academy". Changes in teaching methodology consisted in the fact that the new program was not necessary for the assimilation of theoretical material and led to the introduction of dynamic models of the ship propulsion system for modeling the movement of the ship. Integrating such models into the educational environment is challenging. The results of the design effort are discussed in this paper by analyzing models developed by first-time course learners and feedback received from them during further training.

Keyphrases: DMI-models, ECTS, educational program, methodology, Propulsion, ship's movement resistance

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