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Mental Health Professional Understanding in the North de Brazil to Quality Assistance Challenges

EasyChair Preprint no. 3023

11 pagesDate: March 22, 2020


To understand the performance of mental health professionals in the Psychosocial Care Centers of the municipality the North de Brazil TO. Method: Qualitative research, with technique of individual interviews, through a script prepared by the author. Sample: composed of nine mental health professionals from CAPS II, and CAPS AD III. Results: this research made it possible to identify that there are professionals who can understand the model of community and territorial attention, however, there are still developed health practices based on the hospitalocentric model, and biologicist. The innumerable obstacles within the team due to overwork, reduced staff and cohesion within the team. Conclusion: The assistance provided in the municipality of north Brazil is fragmented and vertical. There are divergences between theory and everyday practice, such as the presence of different assists, rigid ways of thinking which make practice very far from what is proposed in Mental Health Policy.

Keyphrases: Health Care Challenges, mental health, mental health professionals

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