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Social Solidarity from architectural aspect; and its role in making the sustainable smart city

EasyChair Preprint no. 1771

5 pagesDate: October 26, 2019


The extravagant expansion of the city has made the smart city sustainable as a global policy. The role of Social Solidarity  and participation in sustainability is very strong. Intelligence, the use of technology and data are purposefully designed to make better decisions and provide better quality of life. Smart city applications can affect different aspects of quality of life. In city architecture, digital architecture is also a tool in the architect's hands to express his ideas in space and innovation. The real and virtual world creates integration and a spatial continuity. In these new environments and visualizations that are emerging, digital and physical objects can interact simultaneously. Exploring, evaluating, and agreeing on design choices, placing the customer at the heart of design and saving time and resources so that site and post-construction changes are minimized. Social Media, Digital and Mobile Collaboration Tools, Using Visualization Tools, Live Modeling, Artificial Intelligence, Algorithm-Based Computing, Digital Printing, Internet of Things, Intelligent Robots, and Project Recovery The previous ones save time and process transparency during the construction process and improve long-term performance, eliminate errors and produce better outputs for citizens. And of course, this requires the cooperation of all stakeholders. This partnership requires a cultural shift to properly shape social Solidarity from a architecture perspective.

Keyphrases: architecture and sustainability, Intelligent life, partnership, social solidarity, sustainable smart city

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